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Dr. Qasiym Gilliam

Dr. Gilliam is a true dental enthusiast with a genuine passion for helping patients achieve optimal oral health and confident smiles that will last a lifetime! By providing comfortable, compassionate dental treatment, Dr. Gilliam seeks to help erase the stigma of pain that is typically associated with the dental profession one patient at a time.

After proudly serving his country in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, Dr. Gilliam, a decorated Marine Corps veteran, received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. He went on to attend Howard University College of Dentistry where he further cultivated his deep-seated interest in dentistry, developed a mastery of advanced dental techniques, and fostered a true understanding of the dental profession and its ever-changing nature.

Dr. Gilliam, a native of Freeport, New York, now resides and practices in Takoma Park, MD where he provides expert level dental services that range from preventive care to cosmetic and restorative procedures. Dr. Gilliam’s ADA, ADEA, MSDA and NDA memberships and his commitment to studying current trends in the field of dentistry do much to keep him abreast of new technologies and techniques. This knowledge enables him to ensure that every Confident Smiles patient has access to the very best treatment options at all times.

When he is not practicing dentistry, Dr. Gilliam enjoys snowboarding, speaking to college students interested in entering the dental profession, participating in community service efforts with his fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, and watching Game of Thrones. While he enjoys these activities, nothing brings him more joy than seeing the wonderful smiling faces that enter his office daily!

Dr. Albert Conley

Dr. Conley has been an esteemed member of the dental profession for nearly 50 years and has justly earned a reputation for being among the best in his field. More than 20 years of Dr. Conley’s impressive career as a dentist-anesthesiologist have been solely invested in establishing the highly-regarded practice that is now Confident Smiles!

Through the provision of what his patients have described as “thoughtful, gentle and patient” dental care, Dr. Conley has done much to reduce the anxiety people typically experience prior to visiting the dentist. His expertise includes an exceptional ability to work with apprehensive or phobic adults and children, special needs patients, and patients who may be medically compromised to transcend their immediate situations in order to help them achieve optimal dental results.

Dr. Conley regards his service as a member of the faculty at the University of Maryland Dental School as one of the most rewarding aspects of his career and as one of his greatest accomplishments. This is because it grants him an opportunity to share the breadth of knowledge he’s garnered over the course of several decades with individuals who share in his love of dentistry and aspire to revolutionize the field in their own way. Dr. Conley is especially elated by the opportunity to contribute to the maturation of these future trailblazers!

In addition to being a consummate dental professional with a stellar record, Dr. Conley is a retired pilot with over 30 years of aviation experience. Fond memories of his days in-flight enable Dr. Conley to share the vivid, captivating chairside stories his patients enjoy.

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